How to Take Care of Your Lawn in Winter?

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Fall has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and how to properly take care of your lawn this winter. It’s a good idea to rake up all that dead grass from your lawn and get rid of any leaves that have fallen from the trees. However, you should not put away your lawn mower just yet, …

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

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There are many advantages to hiring a landscaping professional when it comes to your lawn. In lieu of doing the work yourself, why not hire a pro? After all, a well-maintained, attractive lawn will not only make your home look and feel better. It’ll also likely increase the value of your property! So, why do you need the help of …

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What Can Landscapers Do in the Winter?

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February 2021 brought unseasonably cold weather and multiple days of snow to Texas. A “winter vortex” like this rarely occurs in the area. Instead, most North Texas winters are relatively mild, leading many to wonder, “what can landscapers do in the winter?” There are actually quite a few things Texas landscapers can do in winter to help keep your landscape in tip-top …

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis for Your Guests

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The backyard oasis is an outdoor space that is made for relaxation and recreation, especially during good-weather seasons. Creating an outdoor oasis requires much planning and professional execution. From landscape design and installation to planning water features and outdoor furnishings, thorough research and planning can help you to ensure that all your choices work harmoniously. To save costs, some homeowners are tempted …

5 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

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Your front and backyard spaces provide endless opportunities to increase functionality and aesthetic appeal through landscaping. Depending on the amenities you choose to have, you can do everything from hosting barbeque parties and pool days on your property to simply enjoying a great book overlooking a gorgeous outdoor environment. Exterior improvements such as landscaping and creating outdoor oases are not …

Seasonal Sprinkler System Settings

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Set Your Irrigation System for Best Results Landscaping design from our Haslet TX lawn care company aims to install a lawn, garden, and hardscape area that will flourish in any season. We ensure that the proper plants are selected for your location, and our lawn care crew provides tender loving care during regular landscape maintenance treatments. In between our visits, your lawn depends on …


Staying on Top of Shrub Maintenance This August

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Your landscape requires care and attention to ensure that it stays looking beautiful – and that includes your shrubs! Shrub maintenance is critical for your lawn’s continued health and success. Most shrubs can be grown successfully with minimal maintenance, but others need a lot of work. It’s important to tailor your shrub’s maintenance plan to the type of plant you’re …

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Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace Is Right for My Home?

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There are multiple types of outdoor fireplaces, so how should you go about choosing the best fireplace for your home? Here, check out Lawn Connection’s guide to selecting the best type of outdoor fireplace to meet your home’s needs: Space How much space does your fire pit need, in order to meet safety standards? This is an important question to …


5 Water Features that Can Transform Your Texas Lawn

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Take your pick from any of these water features, and get ready to transform your Texas lawn! Outdoor Shower The ultimate water feature is one you can step right into! If you can’t afford an outdoor spa, a backyard shower provides a liberating alternative to your daily shower routine and lets you extend the pleasure outdoors. Add in a Pond …

Lawn Fertilizer

Finding the Best Fertilizer Treatment for Your Lawn

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Are you considering fertilizing your lawn? This process can be overwhelming, as there are different types of fertilizer out there. First, though, follow Lawn Connections tips to optimize your lawn’s growth (before you select a fertilizer treatment): How to find the BEST fertilizer for your lawn type: First, it’s important to note: there are three main types of fertilizers: organic, …