5 Water Features that Can Transform Your Texas Lawn

Chris Jamieson Hardscape

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Take your pick from any of these water features, and get ready to transform your Texas lawn!

Outdoor Shower

The ultimate water feature is one you can step right into! If you can’t afford an outdoor spa, a backyard shower provides a liberating alternative to your daily shower routine and lets you extend the pleasure outdoors.

Add in a Pond

Who wants an indoor aquarium when there are backyard koi ponds waiting to be built?! If you would like one for yourself, there are many DIY kits available—or hire a landscape designer who specializes in these peaceful ponds. But beware: Koi are playful and mesmerizing, but they’re not low maintenance. Make sure you understand their needs before taking on a koi pond.

Custom Creek

You can build your own DIY creek, like the one shown here, with some concrete, gravel, PVC pipe, and a recirculating pump. Strategically placed stones guide the water to a retaining pool, where it is pumped back up to the top of the creek. This would be a smart choice for a distinctive garden border.

Add a Birdbath

Hands down, the most common backyard water feature is the noble birdbath.

Build a Waterfall

If you’re longing for the soothing appeal of falling water, consider making—or buying—a backyard waterfall.

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