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Tree Trimming Care and Services in Dallas, Fort Worth & Haslet, TX

If you're tired of your unkept trees, we know how you feel. We offer professional tree trimming services and maintenance to help you achieve a beautiful yard all year round.
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Tree Care

Different homeowners have varying tree maintenance needs. Our tree trimming service entails a customized solution to restore your lawn’s beauty.

We protect your lawn from irreversible damages caused by unprofessional tree trimming services, which may include rotting and insect infestation. Lawn Connection’s tree care and trimming services include:

Tree Planting Services

Trees will thrive at different rates on varying spots of your landscape. We carefully select the perfect sites for long-term flourishing, survival, and reduced maintenance needs. We consider some factors before choosing a planting location. These include soil condition, drainage, spacing constraints, pest infestation, human activity, hardiness, and exposure.

Pest Control and Prevention

We leverage both naturally occurring pesticides and biological pest control methods to keep destructive insects away from your lawn. Biological pest control techniques are eco-friendly and safe for all your family members and pets. Depending on your tree preferences, we can also choose shrubs that directly repel pests.

Weed Control

Undesirable plants may include weeds and infested shrubs that may pose a danger to other healthy trees. Our arborists have the experience to exterminate such plants permanently. Our prevalent extermination techniques for undesirable plants include weed killer sprays, natural uprooting from the roots, and planting shrubs that bring growth competition to unwanted plants.

Mulch Installation

Mulching is an essential process of tree care and maintenance in all-weather conditions. Our tree care mulching solutions will ensure that your lawns remain attractive throughout the year, conserve soil moisture, and control the weeds. We offer high-quality, professional mulching services that minimize fungus infestation and starving the tree’s roots of oxygen and nutrients.

Tree Care Services

Different seasons call for special tree maintenance services. We remain with you throughout the seasons in preparing your trees to brace the oncoming weather conditions. For instance, our tree trimming service is ideal during spring to prune out frost and damaged parts. During hot summers, we ensure that all irrigation systems are working for adequate watering.

Lawn Soil Testing

We offer scientific solutions for elaborate soil testing before planting or deciding which nutrients to feed the trees. Testing the soil allows us to determine if it can sustain the long-term growth success of different shrub species. In places where the ground exhibits poor properties, we can construct raised beds or plant a more resistant tree that will still thrive.

Why Should You Choose Lawn Connections
for Tree Trimming Service and Care

We understand the frustration of having an unkempt lawn because of overgrown and infested trees. They downplay your property’s aesthetic look and value. We are different from all service providers in the following ways:

We Have Safe and Reliable Equipment

We have the latest tree care equipment that undergoes elaborate testing and maintenance to guarantee your family and our employees' safety. Our staff undergoes extensive training on how to operate such equipment around people safely. Continuous background checks and drug screening ensure that we don’t endanger any lives or property.

Uniformed Staff for Easier Identification

Depending on your lawn’s size, we can deploy quite a sizeable number of arborists to attend to your trees. Our workers exude high discipline levels and will always wear the company’s uniform and badges for easier identification. You can quickly differentiate an intruder from experts who are there to offer professional tree trimming service.

Timely Status and Quality Reports

Every scheduled maintenance and inspection comes with a detailed report that assesses your trees' health and quality. You don’t have to wait for weeks or even days to access this report. Our experts generate reports as they carry out the work. This minimizes errors that would arise in the case of office-generated reports. Our field reports are available on the same day of inspection or maintenance.

Timely Response Guarantee

Some tree care needs are emergencies and may need prompt services within short notice, especially after harsh weather conditions like a windstorm. Our customer care desk is always open for your calls and inquiries, whether it's weekdays or weekends. Once you seek our services, it’s our duty to worry about your trees’ health and condition at all times.

Free Quote for All Our Services

Our simple startup process comes with a free quote for all your lawn care needs. As we take care of the trees and shrubs, we also ensure the grass height complies with the HOA’s guidelines. Our other services include flowerbed maintenance and seasonal colors. Fill in our online booking form to get a free quote.

The Benefits of Our Tree Trimming Service and Maintenance

Our services comprise ongoing tree management. We check your trees regularly to screen pest damage, irrigation systems, and soil compactness to give you an accurate picture of your lawn’s health. A customized tree trimming service and recovery will benefit your lawn in the following ways:

  • Increasing lifespan
  • Improving growth and appearance
  • Reducing the chances of windstorm property damage
  • Keeping diseases at bay
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Tree Trimming Services

and Care for Your Needs

Don’t let your lawn trees be a stress trigger while they should be a source of pride. With our tree trimming service, weekends will always be quality family time as you get to bring your grill out in the sunset. Well-trimmed trees enhance your compound’s safety and security by allowing our floodlights to illuminate all dark paths.

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