Staying on Top of Shrub Maintenance This August

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Your landscape requires care and attention to ensure that it stays looking beautiful – and that includes your shrubs! Shrub maintenance is critical for your lawn’s continued health and success. Most shrubs can be grown successfully with minimal maintenance, but others need a lot of work. It’s important to tailor your shrub’s maintenance plan to the type of plant you’re …

Summer Lawnmowing Tips

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to learn some tried-and-true Lawn Connections tips for caring for your lawn during this season: NO SCALPING. Scalping is the gruesome term for cutting too short. It can leave ugly brown patches in areas of uneven ground and strain root systems. “This leads to weeds breaking through the turf,” says Pat Callahan, director of …

Proper Lawn Hydration in Texas Summers

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In the hot North Texas summers, it is so important to have a plan in place to properly hydrate your lawn throughout the hot months. In this article, Lawn Connections explains how to observe proper lawn hydration in Texas summers. Pay Attention to Timing If there’s not a water ban in your area (check before watering), set up a sprinkler system …

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips for a Lush and Green Lawn

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A healthy, green lawn is every homeowner’s dream during the summertime. However, without proper summer lawn maintenance, your lawn may start to look a little dry and brown. At Lawn Connections, we recommend fertilizing, irrigating, and using mulch for the perfect summer lawn. Fertilization Fertilization is one of the best ways to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs …

After Summer Irrigation

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Be careful with after-summer irrigation of the turf at night after October 1st.  Leaving the root zone wet when temperatures cooler at night can and WILL promote root rot and other disease symptoms.  This can progress to the turf dieback.  This is true especially in shady areas and in St. Augustine turf.

Summer Sprinkler Settings for Extra Savings

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As record-setting heatwaves stalk the American interior, metropolitan areas everywhere are issuing sweeping regulations and prohibitions regarding home irrigation systems. Even in areas without such restrictions, high water bills have already caused many homeowners to dramatically reduce the amount that they water their lawn. But drought conditions and high utility costs don’t have to result in a yellowed and dying …

Landscape Lighting Options for Summer Activities

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Pleasantly warm evenings throughout June, July, and August in Keller are ideal for summer outdoor fun with family and friends. Whether you are just lounging outside with a chilled drink and your significant other or entertaining at an outdoor dinner party, landscape lighting is both a necessity and your yard’s most striking accessory. Could your landscape design use some illumination? …

Summer Lawn Care Advice from Lawn Connections

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Summer has arrived and that means lots of suns and hot weather in North Texas. While hot summer days bring fun-filled outdoor activities, they can take a toll on your lawn leaving brown spots, dead grass, and a less than perfect appearance for your home. At Lawn Connections, we think a little lawn maintenance goes a long way to improve …

Get Your Lawn in Tip-Top Shape for Summer Sun

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Southlake lawn care is very important, especially in anticipation of the hot Texas summer months. Fortunately, with a disciplined lawn maintenance routine and proper fertilizer treatment, your lawn will be a beautiful sight to behold and will remain strong enough to withstand the summer’s harsh rays. However, to get to that point you’re going to need to determine the potential …