Get Your Lawn in Tip-Top Shape for Summer Sun

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Southlake lawn care is very important, especially in anticipation of the hot Texas summer months. Fortunately, with a disciplined lawn maintenance routine and proper fertilizer treatment, your lawn will be a beautiful sight to behold and will remain strong enough to withstand the summer’s harsh rays. However, to get to that point you’re going to need to determine the potential uses for your lawn and identify the types of grass that will best suit the Texas climate. Let us help!

What’s the Use?

Believe it or not, not all blades of grass are created the same. Some selections are more durable and require less maintenance than others. This is an important consideration, especially in combination with desired use.

If you have children or pets, your lawn is likely going to experience more foot traffic and corresponding wear and tear. Although you may not be trying to win any beauty prizes with your lawn, it will still require some care. Consider a durable, low maintenance type of grass-like Common Bermuda, Raleigh St. Augustine, Buffalo grass.

If you are trying to win the best in the show for your lawn, you may want to consider Tif Bermuda or Fescue. These grasses require more intensive care but are green year-round. You’ve probably seen them used on golf courses and other locations where appearances matter.

Types of Grasses

  • Buffalo grass is native to Texas, which means you know it’s well equipped to handle the Texas heat and high usage.
  • Common Bermuda is another type of grass that thrives in the summer heat and is low maintenance with little water requirements. In fact, it requires a minimum of five hours of direct sunlight for growth.
  • Raleigh St. Augustine is similar to Common Bermuda, except it requires a little more watering. This grass grows in a very aggressive manner that will stifle weeds.
  • Many golf courses use Tif Bermuda grass. It requires more watering and maintenance, but grows bright green.
  • If your yard has plenty of shade, consider fescue. It grows bright green like Tif Bermuda, but requires stringent lawn maintenance, like reseeding in the fall.


A proper lawn requires fertilizer treatment, no matter what type of grass you choose. A fertilizer comprised of nitrogen, iron, and sulfur is best for most grasses and will ensure your lawn stays looking healthy and strong all season long.

If managing your own Southlake lawn care regimen seems daunting, don’t worry! Call Lawn Connections at 817-231-0042 for all your yard and gardening needs.