Important Summer Lawn Care Steps for a Great Lawn Year Round

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Summer is a time for fun, barbecues out on the patio, swimming, and all sorts of outdoor activities. The team here at Lawn Connections also knows that summer can be rough on your lawn. With that said, here are some essential summer lawn care steps that you can take to keep your grass looking great all year round, even when the weather has different ideas.

Fertilize Your Lawn Ahead of Time

You will find that most Keller landscaping experts agree that the right fertilizer applied ahead of time will do wonders for your lawn. Using the wrong fertilizer, or fertilizing too late in the season, can damage your grass or even burn it. One of the most overlooked and important summer lawn care steps is to make sure you fertilize your lawn with the appropriate fertilizer 30 days in advance.

Water Your Lawn at the Right Times

Landscaping studies suggest that the early morning before the sun has risen fully is the best time to water your lawn. If you water during the day, the water will evaporate and dry out your grass anyway. If you water at night, however, then your lawn is more likely to become diseased. Fungus and diseases that affect plants are able to grow better when it is dark, cool, and moist, or wet.

Stay off the Lawn

At Lawn Connections, we know what summer is all about. It’s time to break out the barbecue, pull out the kids’ pool, and have some fun outside. But be aware that putting things on your grass—like pools filled with water, tents, and sporting equipment—may seriously damage your grass. One of the crucial summer lawn care steps to remember is to put these things away when you are done. Leaving them sitting out on your grass for prolonged periods can create brown spots on the lawn and perhaps even destroy it completely. For more tips or lawn help, call us at (817) 769-6950.