Staying on Top of Shrub Maintenance This August

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Your landscape requires care and attention to ensure that it stays looking beautiful – and that includes your shrubs! Shrub maintenance is critical for your lawn’s continued health and success.

Most shrubs can be grown successfully with minimal maintenance, but others need a lot of work. It’s important to tailor your shrub’s maintenance plan to the type of plant you’re dealing with.

First, no matter what, proper irrigation is critical. This is especially important right after the first growing season. In addition, it’s important that all shrubs are given the right type and amount of nutrients so that they are able to thrive. Mulching your landscape beds is critical because this can be a great supplier of nutrients.

Pruning shrubs isn’t just for aesthetics! Maintaining a shrub’s size is also a great way to keep up with maintenance. The proper time of year to do this depends on the type of shrub you have, as well as the season/year.

If you want your yard to continue looking its best, shrub maintenance is crucial. It’s time to stay on top of your shrub maintenance this August!

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