5 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

When you are investing money into your backyard or lawn, the last thing you need is to make a silly mistake. There are five big mistakes that many home and business owners make when it comes to their landscaping, and Lawn Connections wants to help you avoid these.

top 5 biggest Landscape Mistakes

Excessive Lawn Ornamentation

Whether it’s gnomes, frogs, or even fairies, there is such a thing as too many lawn ornaments. Too many decorative items can really kill the look and feel of the whole landscape. Why? Because it distracts the eye from the elegance of the landscape or lawn, and also gives a bad impression. These decorations can make your lawn or yard look small and cluttered, messy, or just down right childish. These items in a small amount are a great way to showcase your personality, but limit it so that guests can enjoy the whole picture. Try to give each piece its own spot and purpose.

Improper Plant Placement

This happens so often, and Lawn Connections often finds that we must dig up the current yard to fix the issue. Although it may seem easy at first, plants do not just grow wherever you plop them down. They need the right combination water, sunlight, proper nutrition, and room to grow. Planting them in the wrong place in your yard can be devastating, leading to many lost plants and lost dollars. Be savvy about sunlight, slope of the ground, as well as what you are putting next to each other. Some plants, like people, just do not get along with each other. That is why large landscaping projects usually involve specialists like we have at Lawn Connections.

Not Considering Invasive Critters

Garden pests are just a natural part of having a home. Bugs and small animals often invade backyards and lawns, which could be a problem for your plants if you don’t take the necessary precautions. There are different ways you can help protect your garden, from planting flowers that are unattractive to animals or putting up barriers where necessary.

Watering Mistakes

Everyone worries about not watering their lawns enough, but what happens when you water your garden too much? Irrigation systems or sprinklers are best, but if you do not have those, then be sure to water only once a week at most. Do it early in the morning so it has all day to soak up the water. Oversaturation can do just as much damage as being too dry.

Ignoring Maintenance Needs

Lawn and landscapes are not a one-and-done sort of thing. They need to be taken care of. Weeds need to be pulled, and fertilizer needs to be applied. Luckily, Lawn Connections can help with that.

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