5 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

Chris Jamieson Softscape

Are you considering giving your lawn a makeover? Great choice! Our outdoor spaces can add inherent market value to our homes, and provide for a very aesthetically pleasing look. But, it’s also easy for things to go wrong…here are the 5 biggest landscaping mistakes to avoid:

  • One word: clutter. When it comes to our lawns, less is often more. Sometimes, a well-placed decorative element or two is much better than crowding your lawn with several different lawn ornaments. Keep in mind, too, that your landscaping goal should always be to illuminate the natural beauty and plants in your lawn – not to overcrowd your lawn with
  • Putting your plants in the wrong places. This is an all-too-common mistake – and it’s an unfortunate one. Improper plant placement can make your yard look worse than before, and this can also keep your plants from getting the amount of sunlight they need. Unless you’re knowledgeable about plants, it’s always best to consult a pro in this case.
  • Cutting the grass too short. The bald look is never in! When you cut your grass too short, this can result in bare patches throughout your lawn.
  • Using the wrong-sized pots. The goal here is highlight your plants in a beautiful and pleasing way – not to obscure them with the wrong-sized pots!
  • And finally…picking the wrong plants altogether. Just because you like a plant does NOT mean it needs to be in your yard.

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