What is the Best Tree for My North Texas Lawn?

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If you are looking to add something new to your North Texas lawn, consider planting a tree. The climate in this region is diverse and you’ll want to choose a tree that can withstand all of the changes. Lawn Connections is here to help. Read on to find out what tree is best for your North Texas lawn. Choosing the …

Advantages of Using Organic Products for Weed Control

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Many North Texas families are becoming increasingly interested in using organic products to handle weed control issues in their yards. Lawn Connections offers a variety of organic products to suit your individual needs. There are some tangible benefits to using organic products. In this article, we’ll look at those advantages. How inorganic products impact the environment Many of the chemicals used …

Top 10 Organic Weed Control Methods

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Maintaining a lawn in North Texas can be tricky. We have a wide variety of weeds that love to take over the landscape if they’re not treated effectively. At Lawn Connections, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of treatment and programs types in order to keep your North Texas lawn free from weeds. Why Organic Weed Control? Many clients …

When is the Best Time to Seed My Lawn?

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We’ve been servicing North Texas lawns long enough to know that families around here take their yards seriously. At Lawn Connections we know there’s nothing better than looking out your front window and seeing a nice healthy lush green yard. Accomplishing that in the weather we have around here, can be another story. Why seed my yard? Many of our …

North Texas Winter Lawn Preparation

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The end of summer brings relief – sometimes. Hot weather has stayed around so let’s keep everything watered! Don’t need the summer schedules, but 2 days a week may be needed. Flowers and perennials, azaleas, etc may need hand watering. If you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, now is the time for North Texas winter lawn preparation.

5 Effective Eco-Friendly Lawn Tips

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With water costs increasing across the country, home and business owners are looking for eco-friendly, low-water alternatives to landscaping. There are many methods to “go green” in your landscaping decisions which not only look great, save you money, but also help the environment. Native Plant Species When choosing plants for your landscaping project, try to pick native plants that will …

5 Landscaping Design Tips for a Small Front Yard

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Having a smaller front yard can seem to limit. Many people think small bushes and flower beds are their only options. Don’t underestimate the creative options you can have with a small front yard. With these design tips, you can be small and have it all. 1. Plan Ahead When you are working in a smaller yard, you must be organized to get the …

How Our Lawn Care Maintenance Service Ensures Clean and Beautiful Lawn

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One of the primary contributors to the visual appeal of your home and property is your lawn and landscape.  A lush green lawn with perfectly manicured flowers and shrubs with small ornamentations is sure to appear much more appealing than a dead lawn dotted with pet waste. Here at Lawn Connections, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a …

3 Tips to Guide You Through Structuring Your Lawn Maintenance Schedule

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Developing your lawn maintenance schedule requires more work than simply committing yourself to mow every Sunday. In order to keep your lawn looking fresh and green, there are multiple factors to consider. This list from Lawn Connections provides you with three valuable tips to help you plan your lawn care and maintenance. 1. Follow the Seasons The type of care …

Why Every Homeowner Needs Lawn Mowing Services

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The aesthetic effects of lawn mowing services are obvious, but the benefits go far deeper than just having a visually pleasing lawn. Mowing the lawn keeps your grass healthy and reduces the amount of debris and dead grass that accrues over time. Regular mowing also can limit the number of pests that get cozy underneath your lush green lawn. On …