5 Effective Eco-Friendly Lawn Tips

Chris Jamieson Softscape

With water costs increasing across the country, home and business owners are looking for eco-friendly, low-water alternatives to landscaping. There are many methods to “go green” in your landscaping decisions which not only look great, save you money, but also help the environment.

Native Plant Species

When choosing plants for your landscaping project, try to pick native plants that will thrive in your city’s climate without an excessive need for water. Water is expensive, so choosing plants that thrive with your normal rainfall is not only green but will save you money as well.

Consider Fruits and Vegetables

Using your landscaping space to plant fruits and vegetables is an environmentally friendly way of using your water. While it does take a little more work, you will be rewarded with fresh fruits and vegetables without having to pay grocery store prices. Make sure to check with your city’s zoning laws, some prohibit vegetable and fruit gardens from front yards.

Solar Power

Installing solar power to run your landscaping lighting and sprinkler system is another way to save money and the environment. Many cities will pay you if you produce a surplus of power. There are also many tax benefits to taking advantage of solar power. Not only are you saving resources, but you can get paid for it as well.


Xeriscaping is an eco-friendly way to landscape using succulents and rock. It can reduce or eliminate the need to water completely. It is quickly becoming a sought-after landscaping trend due to its low cost and modern feel. While it may cost a bit more initially, it is very low maintenance so it pays for itself in the long run.

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