North Texas Winter Lawn Preparation

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

The end of summer brings relief – sometimes. Hot weather has stayed around so let’s keep everything watered! Don’t need the summer schedules, but 2 days a week may be needed. Flowers and perennials, azaleas, etc may need hand watering. If you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, now is the time for North Texas winter lawn preparation.

Dallas – Fort Worth Area Winter Lawn Preparation

Turfgrass should be continued to be mowed at 2”. We recommend St Augustine stay at this height all winter. Brown Patch and other diseases can show up and will benefit from Fall Fungicides. Contact our office for pricing.

Leaves will be coming down and they can be mulch into the turf. Heavy piles can be mulched and composted for gardens of all kinds.

North Texas winter lawn preparation should include fall fertilizers and pre-emergents being applied to the turf areas right now. This will keep the winter weed problems controlled. If not, please call so we can check & treat.

Our Tree & Shrub program uses one of the best fertilizers available. It’s from the PHC company and is loaded with Organics and traditional fertilizers. This is the best way to conserve and protect your landscape. If not taking advantage of this, please let us know so that we can add this program. The Spring products are complemented by the Fall fertilizer. Healthy, blooming plants and full shrubs with great color to the leaves are the basic benefits of the Lawn Connections Tree & Shrub Program.

Our Maintenance & Landscape Crews are busy all winter. It has always been an excellent time to landscape. Cooler weather makes it easy to water new plants and they will be rooted in before next year’s hot weather. This is a great advantage to the new shrubs and especially trees. We can design your yard and beds for low maintenance and hardiness of the stress from North Texas weather.

Seasonal Color, typically Spring & Fall, can be completed before the holidays by schedule early! Pansies are the usual but they have the largest selection of colors available! Mix & Match – Kale offers a great compliment. We will prep your beds, add a 4 to 6-month fertilizer, and mulch in the flowers. It works best with the mulch. Soils will be composting themselves over the years from this program of planting. Soft soils and quality fertilizers make the flower colors bright and hardy. We also will spray them to prevent rabbits from eating them, yes, rabbits won’t touch them!

Lawn Connections can help with your North Texas Winter Lawn Preparation

Please call or use our handy Contact Form to reach Lawn Connections for any of your Lawn & Landscape needs. We have been here for over 30 years and in the garden industry since the ’50s and have the experience to help with Dallas – Fort Worth Winter lawn preparation. Ask someone who knows.