5 Landscaping Design Tips for a Small Front Yard

Chris Jamieson Softscape

Having a smaller front yard can seem to limit. Many people think small bushes and flower beds are their only options. Don’t underestimate the creative options you can have with a small front yard. With these design tips, you can be small and have it all.

1. Plan Ahead

When you are working in a smaller yard, you must be organized to get the most out of your space. Make sure to research the light and water needs of the plant species you plan to use. Placement is key to the survival of your garden. It makes sense to speak with someone who has experience with garden designing who can guide you in the best way to organize your yard.

2. Promote Symmetry

The eye naturally gravitates towards symmetry. A garden is no exception. When planning, make sure to look for symmetry in your design. Using your door as a central focal point can give you a great starting point. Frame your door to give a “wow factor” when people pull up to your house.

3. Bold Color

When you have a smaller front yard, you can take more risks. Just because you have a smaller yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a large personality. Plant bright orange and purple instead of neutral hedges.

4. Keep it Small

Make sure to plant species that fit the size of your yard. If you plant a large tree in a small yard, it makes the yard seem that much smaller. Placing multiple smaller plants can give the illusion of having a yard of larger size.

5. Grass Optional

With a smaller front yard, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have grass. Flower beds and a great stone walkway can be classy, low maintenance, and water-efficient.

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