Weeds: We Have Found a Cure

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Weed control

Yard work would not be yard work without taking care of weeds. With spring on its way out, and summer on its way in, it is no doubt that our North Texas lawns are being attacked by varying types of weeds. They kill off our petunias, they eat up our St. Augustine grass, and no matter how hard we try, they always come back!

Weeds rob your plants and grass of essential nutrients and water, not to mention they are unsightly. As we Texans know, water becomes scarce in the summer, so it is all the more important that the water we do have is being used on the right plants. Grassy and broadleaf weeds are the most common in the North Texas area. Grassy weeds can result in a lumpy, thinned-out lawn that needs a lot of mowing. Broadleaf weeds can stunt the growth of the grasses you actually want in your yard, as well as increase the need for yard maintenance.

While regular mowing and fertilizing of the good plants will help keep the weeds at bay, it will not eradicate them completely. There are weed killers in stores, but without the proper knowledge of the chemicals in the herbicides and what types of plants they kill, you could end up finishing off your roses instead of the crabgrass. Allow Lawn Connections to take out the guesswork and do the labor for you. We will begin by identifying the type of weeds that are in your lawn and create the proper treatment plan for your yard to kill off the unwanted foliage. Not only will our service eliminate the weeds, but it will also rejuvenate your grass and keep the weeds from returning.

Check out our weed control services page for more information on weeds in the North Texas area and what we have to offer.

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