Proper Lawn Care Tips for Summer

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Thick, luscious grass that adds value to your home can be yours this summer with a few tips from Lawn Connections. We understand how lawn care consumes your time and money. Lawn maintenance in Fort Worth can be a little tricky. Here are several tips for keeping your lawn in top condition this summer.

Watering is one of the biggest issues with lawns. Even in a drought, watering can be done correctly. First, don’t overwater. It may not seem like enough but most lawns only require one inch of water each week. Water slowly to avoid runoff and allow that precious moisture to soak deep into the soil. This slow, deep watering forces grass roots to grow and reach moisture held in the soil. When you water frequently the moisture stays within the first two or three inches of dirt and roots aren’t stimulated to grow. This creates a weak and unhealthy lawn.

Second, water early in the morning to reduce evaporation. Watering during the searing heat of the day means you’re only adding to the humidity of the air. Your lawn isn’t an orchid – it can’t pull water out of the air. Make sure you aren’t watering the street or sidewalks either. A professional land care service can evaluate and maintain your sprinkler system so you water only when and where needed.

As with watering, mow your grass during the cool of the evening or early morning. Mowing is stressful on grass and you’re only making things harder when you mow at 2:00 in the afternoon. Don’t scalp your lawn either. Cut only the top third of the grass whenever you mow. Keeping the blades a little longer doesn’t shock the grass as much and allows the taller blades to shade the ground reducing evaporation.

A healthy lawn requires a lot of care. A weekly lawn service like Lawn Connections can do the work for you. You’ll have that healthy, thick, green lawn you’ve always wanted. We’re only a phone call away at 817-231-0042.