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Haslet TX Landscapers Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Landscape

Homeowners need and want to get the maximum use out of any improvement they make to their home or its surrounding landscape. You want added value, as well as year-round enjoyment. Our Haslet TX landscape lighting services can also let you enjoy your landscaping around the clock, as well!

Lawn Connections can help you create a plan to effectively extend daylight hours by adding landscape lights around your home, patio, pool, fireplace or yard. Your ability to use your existing backyard to its full potential means you save money in the long run; you can stay at home for entertainment rather than going out. You get more use out of your deck, patio or pool when it is well lit. We offer a wide variety of landscape lighting fixtures and low-voltage products to suit all needs and tastes. See some great examples in our landscape lighting photo gallery!

Most landscape lighting centers around pathways, accents, deck and rails, pond and water features, planters, and trees and gives new definition to your home or business. Custom styles and types are always an option, but in general, landscape lights are low voltage. Low-voltage systems use a 12-volt power supply running through a cable that does not have to be buried deeply.  Our professional low-voltage systems are safe, easy to install, and very affordable.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape and Pool Design Ideas

Lawn Connections believes that enhancing the environment around your home, patio, pool, outdoor room, or fire pit means you will be using and enjoying them more. Lighting showcases a particularly attractive aspect of any landscape element or backyard accessory.

Many consider exterior lighting to be an interesting way to create a piece of art with additional spot lighting. Flowerbeds are often hidden in the dark, as are pools or lily ponds, so some basic landscape lighting can highlight their beauty day or night.

Just as important as the visual aesthetic, if not more, is the safety factor. Lighting can deter crime when used effectively. In addition, walking across the lawn or to different outdoor living areas, becomes easier and safer. Shine some light on obstacles like steps, rocks, or small shrubbery along a path. Special pathway lighting is also very effective and affordable.

By using exterior lighting instead of flashlights or floodlights, you have more creativity about how the light is focused. Using a variety of lighting products, we can install lighting where it is needed the most. Soft and subtle styles provide greater outdoor visibility easily, eliminating large dark areas that might hide intruders or safety risks.

Swimming Pool Landscape Lighting

Your swimming pool was a considerable investment. It’s an investment that has paid off, because it brings joy and entertainment to your friends and family. As the owner, you undoubtedly want everyone to stay safe while enjoying your pool. Proper pool lighting can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. The dangers of falling into the pool grow considerably at night. By adding pool lighting to your outdoor space, you can enhance your pool’s appearance at the same time that you increase its safety.

At Lawn Connections, we believe in creative lighting solutions. For example, an in-ground pool can easily have one or two large lights embedded in the outer walls. These lights will illuminate the entire expanse of the pool. An above-ground pool, on the other hand, could benefit from built-in lights or floodlights mounted to nearby trees or the house. Contact us to hear more innovative pool lighting ideas.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Like any part of your home, your landscape lighting requires proper care and maintenance. If you leave it in a state of disrepair, you forfeit any of its benefits. Lighting, especially when outdoors, must be examined for loose connections, broken wiring, or blown bulbs. At Lawn Connections, we can perform thorough inspections and year-round maintenance services.

The way we see it, your time is irreplaceable. That’s why we have an entire team of professionals dedicated to outdoor lighting maintenance. Whether you require a one-time service visit or ongoing maintenance, the team at Lawn Connections can ensure that you have the highest-quality landscape lighting possible. To protect your investment, you’ll want a regular checkup from an experienced technician. Lawn Connections has proven time and time again that we provide only high-quality maintenance.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Your business relies on customers. Without proper lighting, no customer will want to visit your store after dark. This becomes especially problematic as the long summer days wind down into autumn. Your business deserves to be well-lit. If you’ve already invested time, money, and energy into your business’ landscape lighting system, you just need to stay on top of maintaining them.

At Lawn Connections, we understand the importance of professional outdoor lighting. Our goal is to ensure that you and your customers remain happy. We provide careful repairs and maintenance services to create a well-lit environment. Maintenance will keep your landscape lighting bright for years to come and help you avoid costly repairs.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Ideas

As a business owner, you no doubt work tirelessly to select unique products that will bring in customers. Most consumers are visual buyers — they’ll opt for a product or service that grabs their attention. One way to draw attention is through landscape lighting. You don’t want your business to disappear when night falls.

At Lawn Connections, we can throw some flair into your business. We specialize in creative lighting designs. We’ll work with you and your ideas to create a commercial landscape lighting system that will draw customers to your products. You’ll first want to light along your driveways, steps, and patios. Afterward, we can focus on more aesthetically-focused lighting. Whatever your style, you can rely on Lawn Connections to provide prompt, professional results.

Commercial LED Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking to bring in new customers while saving money, consider LED landscape lighting. At Lawn Connections, we’ve recommended LED lighting for countless businesses — all of them are satisfied with the results.

LEDs are considered one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. These bulbs use up to 90% less power than your typical incandescent bulb. Since LEDs require less power, you’ll notice a drastic decrease in your monthly utility bills. Furthermore, LED lighting enjoys an extended lifespan. Lastly, LEDs are completely safe; they generate almost no heat, and are therefore cool to the touch. When you’re running a business, you need to worry about customers and their safety. You can safely let LED lights welcome potential customers for hours at a time!

Lawn Connections can help add safety, security, visibility and provide beautiful accents to your home and existing landscape features. Choose from several different styles that cater to your existing landscape and will keep your yard safe and looking great for years to come. Call 817-769-6930 or contact us online today to learn about landscape lighting from Lawn Connections.