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Best Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in DFW

Lawn Connections believes in delivering the whole package to you in one place. Why should you have to go to multiple companies for all of your landscaping needs? That can get exhausting and costly. Instead of all the trouble, you can come to a place like Lawn Connections where we can provide all the aspects of landscaping to your Dallas home, including landscape lighting installation and design.

Our outdoor lighting pros can tackle your landscape lighting project from start to finish, no matter your goal. We offer a variety of selections to fit your budget and style. We believe in taking things step-by-step, which is why we have built a foolproof process when it comes to landscape lighting for our clients.

Our process begins with design, because we know it is important to get everything just right for you and your precious home. We sit down with you to help you find the right products to highlight your yard or lawn’s best features, or to protect your home and valuables with spotlights and other nighttime protective lighting. Once we’ve decided on the best option, we move on to the installation process.

Outdoor light installation can be tricky. It involves electrical wiring and handling delicate fixtures. You can trust our experienced hands, though, as we expertly install everything exactly the way we agreed in our design plan.

The approval phase is where you look over all our hard work and make sure everything is up to your standards. We would not be satisfied with a job if you weren’t.

Lastly, all that’s left is to enjoy the new look of your outdoor space!

Purpose of Landscape Lighting

There are two main reasons why our Dallas-Fort Worth clients choose to install landscape lighting in their lawns and yards. The first one is for aesthetic appeal and entertainment. Just because it’s dark outside does not mean you can’t still have a good time!

Dallas residents love to entertain, and we wouldn’t want to stifle that. It’s why landscape lighting is such a big business, providing just the right amount of light for romantic dips in the pool or a late-night barbecue with friends and family. Landscape lighting can provide a warm glow, so that guests can see each other without disturbing the neighbors with bright lights. It just takes great planning and design, which we have going for us at Lawn Connections. The appeal of lights can also help you highlight certain parts of your landscaping,  such as fountains and statues.

Landscape lighting also comes in handy when we’re talking about the safety of your loved ones. Lighting can easily deter those who want to come onto your property when they shouldn’t, sending them packing instead of into your house. Whether it’s flood lights that they cannot hide from, or censor lights that respond to sound and movement to alert of an intruder, we have what you need. Your family’s safety is our top priority, and we know how to strategically place these lights for maximum comfort. You can sleep soundly at night.

Landscape Lighting Options

When you first realize how many options are available for landscape lighting, you may feel overwhelmed. We see this a lot when our customers learn that we have dozens of options from top manufacturers. However, our experts can help you sort through the choices and let you know what will provide the best solutions for your needs. Options like flood lights and spot lights are great for protecting your home, whereas as path lights are better suited for entertaining guests and providing safety at night. We can go over the benefits of each option with you, as well as the pricing, so you can make an informed decision you won’t regret.

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Landscape lighting is not something you should trust to a DIY project. It needs to be designed and installed by professionals like at Lawn Connections. For quotes and other information about our outdoor lighting services, contact us today at 972-418-LAWN.

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