How to Create the Perfect Low-Maintenance Landscape

Chris Jamieson Softscape

Sometimes, less is simply more. This certainly applies to your lawn! Here are our tips for creating the perfect low-maintenance landscape:

  • Begin with a plan. Either have a professional do this, or measure your own yard and divide it into zones. This will help you to visualize your design, and also help you decide what you want to accomplish with your minimal landscape.
  • List out your needs and wants. How do you plan to use your yard? Making a list of what you need and want from your yard is essential.
  • Select plants that are low-maintenance. This is crucial! You should only choose plants that fit your available space and are easy to care for. Pick native plants that thrive in your local climate.
  • Plant lavender. Lavender is super-easy to care for, it’s gorgeous, and it smells good!
  • Find your style. Create a minimalist design that is true to your home’s general aesthetic and your personal preferences.
  • Create a simple outdoor living space. Your patio or other outdoor living space doesn’t need much – why not just string some pretty lights and set out some comfortable furniture?
  • Use mulch. Mulch is effective at fertilizing your plants, preventing weeds, AND it’s low-maintenance.

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