Custom Water Features Make Summers Cool

Chris Jamieson Hardscape

Now that spring is just around the corner, adding a custom water feature to your Southlake landscape has never been more perfect. Lawn Connections can help you to achieve your goal with our water feature landscaping services. We can provide you with the water feature design you envision, build it for you, and help you maintain your new water feature to keep it looking beautiful.

Custom water features include ponds, waterfalls, garden fountains, and even streams. Water features enhance your property and can also work wonders with noise control as they can serve to block out background noises. Not sure which type of water feature is right for you? Try our guide below.


Ponds are a beautiful addition to any landscape and come in many unique shapes and sizes. To ensure a successful pond landscape installation, water landscaping from a knowledgeable company is preferred. At Lawn Connections, our Southlake landscaping designers work with you to customize a pond to your unique landscape so it naturally blends with your existing outdoor area. We will review your location’s sun and shade properties to ensure that the pond is placed where it can thrive.

There are also many water plants available that can flourish in a pond environment, and you can even stock it with aquatic wildlife such as fish and turtles.

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls and stream beds are moving water features that can be installed alone or in conjunction with a pond, adding a calming presence to your landscape. They can involve landscape installation of underground pumps, electricity lines, and boulder placement. A properly installed waterfall will add a whole new dimension to your landscape.

Garden Fountains

If you have a smaller landscape or you like a formal garden atmosphere, garden fountains are a perfect addition to your outdoor living area. Our landscaping specialists have experience in custom design, installation, and construction for wall fountains, tiered fountains, and even fountain sculptures. We’re positive we can create exactly what you’re looking for in a backyard fountain.

If you’re looking for a way to add a water feature to your Southlake landscaping, Contact us or call Lawn Connections at 817-231-0042 and let us help you enjoy your new water feature for many years to come.