How to Control Texas Weeds

Texas is a great environment for plants to grow: springs full of rain and summers full of sun. The problem is that also makes it a perfect environment for weeds to grow. Weeds are the last things that you want in your garden, choking out your plants and flowers. So, how do you get rid of Texas weeds? The answer can be complicated, but Lawn Connections is here to break it down for you.

Synthetic Herbicides

This is the most common response to weeds, though you need to be aware of the side effects if this is what you choose. These chemicals will do the job, especially if your weed problem seems to be out of control. However, these products can become toxic and dangerous, especially when sued around pets and children. Even turf can suffer at the hands of this remedy if used unwisely.

Regular Weed Control

If you have just a few weeds, complete removal by hand every so often should do the trick—unless it is a particularly invasive species. Sometimes, there is nothing like old-fashioned elbow grease to do the job.

Grow A Thick Lawn

The denser the grass, the more likely your yard will do its job and get rid of weeds all by itself. Sunlight will not be able to reach the weeds, and they will not be able to spread.


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