What Types of Grass Are Best for Your Lawn?

Chris Jamieson Softscape

If you’re in the process of landscaping your yard, you may need assistance choosing the right types of plants to use. This also applies to grass, as there are many different types of grass and some may be more suitable for your home than others. When choosing grass or turf to be used for your lawn, you must keep in mind factors like the climate in your region and other practical concerns like foot traffic. You also need to keep in mind the amount of shade available. Lawn Connections can help you figure out which grass is right for you.

You may first want to consider whether you want to invest in grass or turf. The main difference between the two is the form that the root system takes. Turf has bunched root growth and will feel very thick when you walk on it. Grass has more fibrous roots and will feel thinner.

Some popular types of grass used in Texas include St. Augustine, Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia.

  • St. Augustine Grass: St. Augustine is a popular variety. It requires a large amount of water, yet over-watering during a hot summer can lead to Root Rot and infestations of pests. As a result, you need to be aware when watering. It grows in both sun and shade.
  • Bermuda: Bermuda grass is hearty and can grow in full sun. There are many different Bermuda hybrids with different properties that you can choose from.
  • Buffalo Grass: Buffalo grass is native to the United States and has a very high drought tolerance. Buffalo grass has a fine, thin stalk and requires relatively little watering.
  • Zoysia Grass: In order to plant Zoysia grass from seed, you need to carefully follow planting and care instructions. It has a thick stalk and can grow in full sun. It is also known for being drought tolerant.

For more guidance about which types of grass would work best at your home, contact your local Southlake lawn maintenance professionals at Lawn Connections today at (817) 769-6950.