Understanding When to Fertilize Grass

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

There are a number of considerations that are a part of proper lawn care, and many of our customers often ask us how we know when to fertilize the grass. There are a number of factors at play, and perhaps it is most important that we understand that no two lawns are the same. Knowing this, we make sure that we properly analyze the needs of each and every lawn that we treat, ensuring that the particular lawn in question gets everything that it needs in order to thrive. At Lawn Connections, we do our best to keep your lawn lush and green throughout every season.

Each Lawn Has Different Needs

Geography plays an obvious role in lawn care, and we have made it our duty to understand the many needs of the North Texas lawns that we serve. Residents in our area tend to have three different types of grass, including:

  • St. Augustine grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • Zoysia grass

Each of these types of grass requires a different type of care, so we make sure that we weigh the many factors at play in determining when to fertilize the grass. The nature of the yard (sun or shade, etc.) will also play a role, so it is important for us to weigh these factors as well.

Specialized Knowledge Is Sometimes Necessary for Best Results

At Lawn Connections, we help you make a relatively complex process simple. Over the course of eight visits throughout the year, we are able to fertilize and care for your lawn in a way that keeps it healthy year-round. You will not need to worry about when to fertilize grass, as we will worry about it for you. Please contact us, the Southlake lawn care experts, at 817-769-6950 as soon as possible so we can begin the process of helping you care for your lawn.