Top 5 Landscape Designs

Chris Jamieson Softscape

Are you ready to have the landscape of your dreams?

There are many ways to increase the aesthetic (and actual!) value of your home, by bettering your landscape. And, whatever your overall home design scheme is, one thing’s for sure: there are some landscape design ideas that work for everyone!

Here are our five favorites:

  1. Make your pathways stand out. Add a layer of attractiveness to your landscape when you re-design your pathways! Use brightly-colored pebbles or pretty pea gravel to create eye-catching patterns on your walkways.
  2. Craft a terraced cottage garden. A cottage garden with terraces is an excellent landscape design option, for any home – so quaint, so gorgeous!
  3. Add in natural materials or plants. Natural grasses, plants, and materials are all the rage these days! And, for good reason – natural landscape materials help give your outdoor space a calming, freeing feel.
  4. Create texture. A rock or gravel garden with varying shapes is a great way to add beauty and texture to your landscape.
  5. Install a pond. Whether you want a soothing koi pond or a beachy pool, well-designed mini-bodies of water are a great way to add some oomph to your lawn!

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