The Science of Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

If you have ever taken a real look at your lawn and landscaping, you may find that it’s a little lacking. On your own, you might be able to keep everything relatively tidy, but the truth of the matter is that it takes a professional touch to bring out the real beauty in a yard. A landscape designer from Lawn Connections in Keller can really show you what your yard has to offer.


Have you ever realized that there are many different textures that form the look of your lawn? For example, when you think about landscape design, consider the plush texture of healthy grass, the soft textures of blossoms on trees or flowers, and the harsh angles presented by rocks in your garden. The right professional can help you create a look that is perfectly in keeping with your design aesthetic.


It does you no good to have an amazing landscape design that you cannot keep up. Some people love the idea of a gorgeous landscape that requires little maintenance from them; other people are willing to put a lot of time and love into keeping up their property. If you tell your landscape professional where you are coming from and what you are willing to invest in, they can create the right kind of landscape for you.


One thing that many people note about their yards is that there is no motion. A little bit of wind can pick things right up, but on still days, the yard looks somewhat stiff and lifeless. If you are looking for a bit of motion, water is a good choice.

For some people, a fountain or a birdbath is enough, while other people are not content until they have a pond in the backyard. Water will also throw backlight, giving your yard a completely different look. This is where Keller landscaping is so useful.

If you are interested in changing the look of your lawn or just in learning more about how you can do so, talk to the pros at Lawn Connections. Call 817-231-0042 to get more information on Keller landscaping and what our team of landscaping designers can do for your home!