Proper Techniques for Mowing Your Lawn

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Do you want a healthy-looking lawn? If so, it’s time to learn some proper techniques for mowing! After all, this is the best pathway to having a lush, verdant lawn. Here are the best techniques for doing so:

1) Make sure that your mower blade is sharp. If you want to truly get the best results from mowing, you’ll want to ensure that your mower blade is as sharp as possible. Why? Because mowing with a dull blade will result in uneven, patchy-looking grass. Take the time to sharpen your blade a few times per mowing season, and get ready to reap the benefits.

2) Always mow when the grass is dry. Whenever you mow wet grass, you’ll never get the same results that you would when mowing dry grass. Not only does wet grass tends to clog your motor, it also tends to clump together as you’re mowing — which results in a jagged cut. Not exactly what you would call aesthetically pleasing!

3) Stick to a mowing pattern that works for your lawn. This means NOT mowing in the same direction each time you mow. When you do this, you risk creating ruts in your lawn.

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