Plant Protection Against Wind and Rain

Chris Jamieson Softscape

Lawn Connections is here to ensure that your landscaping remains a work of green art for as long as possible. Plant protection is a large part of what we do and a large part of keeping your landscaping intact. Two of the biggest dangers to your plans are wind and rain, and educating yourself on how to properly protect your plants ensures that they remain upright and gorgeous for months to come.

Wind Damage

Roaring winds can uproot your plants from the soil and cause them to grow lopsided by damaging the buds on the exposed side of the plant. To protect plants in Forth Worth from wind, we recommend checking them after strong winds or a storm to make sure they are firmly rooted in place. You also might have to stake plants in place if they are delicate or especially young.

For a windbreak, it’s better that you use something that will allow some of the air to pass through and cut its speed, like polyethylene mesh, as opposed to something sturdy, like a wall. The reason for that is that the wind can simply rush right over a brick wall and kick up turbulence behind the wall as it passes over.

Rain Damage

Plant protection from rain damage involves erecting a small sheet of glass supported by wire clip pegs over rain-sensitive plants. Make sure that the glass is slightly tilted so that the rain runs off and away from the plant. You can also scatter a surface layer of coarse grit around your alpine plants to make sure that extra water is drained away from the plants’ collars.

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