Mowing Your Lawn: When to Stop For the Winter

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Grass grows all year round, even when it’s very cold out. Just because the leaves are turning doesn’t mean you should put away your lawn mower just yet. In Haslet, Texas, you may be mowing your lawn in December.

So when should you stop mowing your lawn? Check out Lawn Connections tips for knowing when to stop mowing for the year.

Factors that Affect Mowing

When you’re trying to decide when to stop mowing for the year, there are a few factors to consider, mainly:

  • The amount of rain and sunlight
  • Ground frost
  • Water logging
  • Daily temperatures

You’ll notice that your grass will stop growing so quickly as the temperature in the air and soil drops. Grass will continue to grow if the temperature outside is about 40 degrees, and other factors can help it continue to grow. Consistent rain will help it grow, but of course, too much rain will prevent you from moving at all. Even though the days may be shorter, grass will still grow if it has direct access to sunlight.

How to Decide

Each year will probably be different for you. Northern Texas often sees more mild winters, so you might mow your lawn even as it gets closer to Christmas.

The best way to tell when it’s time to pack it in is by the temperature and the frost. Below the 40 degrees mark, your grass won’t grow as quickly. If you know the temperature won’t be getting above 40 degrees for a while, then you can reasonably put your mower in the shed. If you walk on grass that has frost on it, you will break the blade tips and leave footprints that won’t go away even when the frost melts. Avoid mowing your lawn during this time.

In between the winter and spring months, be sure to do some maintenance on your lawnmower. Replace any blades and make sure it’s ready for next year’s mow.

Taking care of your lawn is important, even in the winter months. At Lawn Connections, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain a high-quality landscape for your home or business. We’re always happy to offer our assistance! Call us today at (817) 769-6950, or contact us via our online contact form.