If You Water a Lawn at Night, It Might Not Be Good for Your Grass

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Taking good care of your grass doesn’t require an abundance of hard work, but simply some good planning and information. The experts at Lawn Connections are here to help your grass look its absolute best, and you might be doing your grass more harm than good if you choose to water your lawn at night.

Evaporation Investigation

The reason that you want to avoid watering your lawn at night is that it significantly reduces the evaporation that takes place. While evaporation keeps water from actually reaching your grass, leaving your grass too damp longer than necessary increases the chances of your lawn developing turf-grass diseases.

The Morning Light

Rather than choosing to water the lawn at night, it’s better to water it between 4-9 a.m. when the wind is calm and the air is cool. Water your lawn any later than nine in the morning and the water might not actually reach your grass before it evaporates.

Whenever you do water your lawn, make sure that you don’t use hot water. Solar energy can heat up the water inside of your home faster than you might realize. It’s best that you test the temperature of the water before you use it

Save Water

Something else that you’ll want to do to save money on your water bill is to prevent water runoff while watering your grass. There’s no need for you to keep watering your lawn until it starts to run off into the driveway or street. This is simply a waste of water and a waste of money as well. If you experience runoff before you’re finished watering your lawn, turn the water off for about 15 minutes and let the ground absorb the moisture before you start again.

Do everything you can to avoid having to water your lawn at night. The exemplary Fort Worth landscaping experts of Lawn Connections are here with more ideas for keeping your grass healthy and green. For additional tips, contact us at 817-769-6950.