How to Control Weeds on Your Property

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Weed Control

Weed control is a gardener’s biggest issue. These pesky, unwanted plants grow over everything and make lawn maintenance a challenge. Getting rid of weeds can be time-consuming, but is worth the challenge for a well-manicured lawn.

Use the following tips from our Keller lawn care professionals at Lawn Connections to help you through the weed control process.

Do Not Dig Those Weeds

Every piece of lawn has weeds, but only those close to the surface will blossom. When you dig up weeds, you dig up additional seeds, which will multiply the problem.

Use Plenty of Mulch

Mulch the plants around your lawn. The mulch will push weed seeds down, and some organic mulches include small bugs who eat weed seeds. Keep the mulch replenished to approximately two inches deep, as you may find that some mulch accidentally includes weed seed.

Weed at the Right Time

The old adage, “Pull when wet; hoe when dry,” applies here. After the rain, dig weeds out by the roots. Be careful to not go below two inches, though, so that you don’t dig up more seed. When the weather is dry, use a hoe to remove weeds at the root.

Cut Them Off

Cut weeds which cannot be dugout. Weeds are plants, and when you remove the tops, the reproduction parts come off too. Weeds that cannot reproduce cannot spread. This solution does not eliminate the issue, however, it simply buys some time.

Shade the Soil

Smaller gaps between plants allow for less sun to the soil. Less sun means less chance for weed seeds to sprout. Plan your plants to eliminate sunlight to the soil surface.

Starve Weeds

Don’t water weeds. Irrigation systems help water wanted plants while leaving weeds dry. Often, the system is placed underneath mulch to double the chances of killing weeds before they sprout.

Call the Experts

Call an expert lawn maintenance service for weed control, such as our team at Lawn Connections. We can easily eliminate weeds and leave you with tips on how to keep your lawn looking amazing. Call us today at 817-231-0042.