DIY or Hire a Lawn Mowing Service?

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For many homes, the lawn sets off the landscaping. Homeowners can either take care of their lawns themselves or hire a lawn mowing service to keep their property healthy and beautiful. Cost-conscious homeowners also want a nice lawn, but must work within a budget. By putting the following tips to use, you can minimize costs and still achieve a gorgeous, healthy lawn. As always, you can turn to a professional lawn care company such as Lawn Connections for help.


Water is the most important ingredient for a healthy lawn. A lawn needs about an inch a week on average. If this does not happen through rainfall, homeowners must perform the irrigation themselves. The goal is to soak the soil to about six inches deep, making sure to moisten the entire root system of the lawn. Homeowners must also take care not to overwater. To encourage stronger deeper root systems, they should let each watering dry before the next session.

Natural Fertilizing

Use natural fertilizing techniques. Although no one likes unsightly lawn clippings, homeowners can let the grass fertilize naturally by leaving a little behind after each mow. These clippings contain all of the ingredients found in commercial fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but they cost nothing. Home gardeners can help this strategy by mowing the lawn “as high as they can stand.” Although this means the homeowner will have to mow more often, the lawn will look better overall, and hide any extra clippings that can serve as fertilizer.

Proper Equipment

If you choose not to use a lawnmower service, it’s important that you maintain your lawnmower in good working condition. Start by performing an annual service at the beginning of the spring growing season. This service includes changing the filters and oil, replacing the spark plugs, and cleaning any dirt buildup. Perhaps most important, homeowners should make sure their lawnmower blades are sharp. This ensures that they cut the grass rather than tear it.

Call A Professional

Many homeowners are surprised that they can contract a lawn mowing service and still work within a budget. Contact us at Lawn Connections for expert, affordable Keller lawn care at (817) 231-0042.

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