Basic Lawn Care Tips for the Texas Heat

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

If you aren’t careful in the heat of summer, then your lawn can suffer the consequences. Luckily, we at Lawn Connections have just the technology to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. For example, various techniques of lawn mowing in Keller can keep your lawn looking much better than it would otherwise.

Weekly lawn service

Many people use a weekly lawn service to help keep their lawns looking top-notch, and there’s no reason why this isn’t a good idea. Various turf management experts know a thing or two about keeping your grass looking excellent, and any kind of residential lawn service can help you to make your things look better than ever.

One tip to keep in mind is the cutting height of the blades on your mower. Taller grass can help to keep moisture in the soil, which will keep your lawn healthier. This will also help the blades to maximize the amount of sunlight they get.

Also, consider the waste clippings. Many dispose of these without a second thought. However, by leaving them evenly spread about your lawn, you will return both moisture and nutrients to the growing grass. This will also keep evaporating moisture from escaping, as it will keep it within the blades themselves.

Keeping your lawn well hydrated is also important. Watering early in the morning or late in the evening is essential if you are to maximize the amount of absorption. This will also help you save on your water bill.

To be certain, these lawn care tips will help. But if you haven’t the time, or would rather leave it to professionals to get the best results, give us a call. We here at Lawn Connections have long been providing perfect solutions to people just like you. To get your lawn in the best shape possible, please call us at 817-231-0042 as soon as possible.