Top Tools of the Trade in Landscaping

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If you’re thinking of taking on a North Texas landscaping project, you’ll want to make sure you have these tools of the trade-in place before you begin. Lawn Connections looks at the most commonly used landscaping tools and how they can benefit you in your next landscaping project.


You can think of this as a little shovel that’s you’re number one tool for planting vegetables, small potted flowers, and bulbs in our outdoor space. You can find a cost-effective pair just about anywhere, but it’s worth investing a bit more to get a sturdy, one-piece trowel with a soft or ergonomic handle to make your project easier.


There is a wide variety of shovels available for a tool this basic. Talk to a store employee in order to get one that suits your height. It will make digging much easier and alleviate strain on the back. Compare weights as well; some are much lighter than others. Consider purchasing a shovel with a blade that comes to a point, as this will penetrate compacted soil better than a long-handled spade, which has a straight edge.

Bypass Pruners

These are scissor-like landscaping tools designed for cutting small branches one at a time. Bypass types have blades that slide by one another as opposed to anvil types, which have one wider, flatter side and one curved, sharp blade. Bypass pruners make cleaner cuts. Anvil pruners make more crushing cuts. Either of these options may be useful in your next landscaping project.


These are very large scissors that you operate with two hands to cut lots of small branches in a single swipe, like hedges or similar sculpted plants. Shears are also useful for cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses and for deadheading masses of spent flowers in a garden bed. Keeping whatever you buy sharp is more important than the initial price-point of your shears.

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