How to Get Rid of Moss in Your Lawn

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

We get numerous calls each year from our North Texas clients wanting to know what to do if they find moss in their yards. Moss, though relatively harmless, can be a nuisance to an otherwise well-manicured landscape. In this article, Lawn Connections looks at how to get rid of moss in your lawn.

What is Moss?

Moss is a fairly uncomplicated plant, lacking the leaves, stems, and other parts we typically associate with plants. Moss in a lawn doesn’t kill the grass, but certain conditions that encourage its growth can hinder the grown of grass or even choke it out. Moss is a symptom of an environment that isn’t conducive to grass growth. Simply removing moss is only a temporary solution. Improving the overall conditions of your lawn so they favor the growth of grass is a more effective method.

Why Does it Show Up?

There are a wide variety of reasons that moss could be growing in your lawn.

  • Soil that’s not the right condition for growing grass
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Too much or too little water
  • Too much shade
  • Even too much foot traffic

If one of these criteria is the possible source of your moss growth, then we have a better idea of how to proceed in order to rid your North Texas lawn of moss.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

You can try to remove much of the moss on your own by removing existing moss with a rake or with a dethatching blade you install on a mower. After you’ve loosened the moss, you’ll be able to remove it from the lawn. that won’t remove all traces, but it will be a huge initial improvement.

Consider calling the professionals at Lawn Connections. We have years of experience dealing with moss and we’ll be happy to help. (817) 769-6950