Four Questions to Ask When Hiring a Landscaper

Chris Jamieson FAQ

Here at Lawn Connections, we want you to make a well-informed decision when hiring a landscaper for your Fort Worth home. If you’ve never worked with a landscaper before, then you more than likely aren’t sure which questions you should bring to the landscaping table. Learn four of the most important questions to ask before a landscaper goes to work on your lawn.

1. Do You Have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

If any of the workers employed by a Fort Worth landscaper become injured, you might be legally responsible if they are hurt on your property. You may think that your homeowner insurance policy will protect you, but it more than likely won’t. If the landscaper has worker’s compensation insurance, all of the responsibility will fall to them.

2. Are Your Shrubs, Trees and Evergreens Local?

When hiring a landscaper, make sure the plants they use are locally grown. The reason for this is that there are certain climate and soil conditions that plants thrive. While you might like the idea of planting a certain type of tree in your yard, it may not be able to flourish for very long in Fort Worth’s climate.

3. Do You Offer Comprehensive Maintenance?

Once the landscaper is finished with the planting, lighting, and hardscapes they’ll all need to be taken care of. If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or equipment to maintain your landscaping yourself, that gorgeous new yard of yours won’t look so good for very long. It’s always best to leave the maintenance to the professionals so everything can look its absolute best.

4. Are You a Fully Certified CSRWI or ICPI?

CSRWI stands for Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer and ICPI stands for Interlocking Concrete Paver Installer. Both organizations recognize the most current industry standards, meaning that if your landscaper is fully certified by either group they will more than likely make your landscaping look absolutely fantastic.

For more tips on hiring a landscaper, call one of our Lawn Connections representatives at 817-769-6950.