Flowerbed Maintenance Checklist for April

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

It’s officially springtime! This means that it’s time to begin thinking about your flowerbed maintenance for April. Here is a helpful checklist, to ensure that you’re staying on task:

Prune Bushes. Bushes are a wonderful way to add value to your flowerbed! And, maintaining your bushes is important if you’re going to include them in your bed. Remove any dead branches, debris, and leaves from underneath or around your bushes, and prune back the branches, as well.

Use the Right Tools. When you’re cleaning your flowerbed in time for spring, you should always make sure that you’re using the right tools for the job! This means using smaller, more manageable tools to help you get the job done. Using the wrong kind of gardening tool could mean damaging your flowerbed.

Remove Debris. When you’re prepping your flowerbed for spring, be aware that you’ll be dealing with a whole lot of debris clean-up! Take the time to remove all the leaves, dead plants, and weeds that have gathered in your bed.

Add Worms. Did you know that worms are a fantastic addition to virtually any flowerbed? It’s true! Adding in night crawlers or earthworms to your flowerbed will help to keep your soil loose, and add in some valuable nutrients. Your flowers will thank you!

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