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About Lawn Connections

Lawn Connections is a premier lawn and landscaping company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a variety of services to help both companies and homeowners bring their most extravagant visions to life. From basic maintenance to complete landscape design build, we are the landscaping company that the Dallas Fort Worth community trusts. Numerous lawns and landscapes have been designed and maintined by our trusted staff.

Our Services

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscaping Construction & Installation
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Outdoor Living
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pool Landscaping
  • Weed Control
  • Commercial Landscaping

Our Philosophy

Many companies claim that they put the customer first, but do they always stick to that? Lawn Connections believes that our customers make our business. In fact, Dallas Fort Worth residents are the reason we have this business. It is out pleasure to make your landscape dreams come true. We love what we do, especially when it puts a smile on your face. That is why every step of the way we partner with you on the job, letting you be a part of the design. Your idea is what we are making a reality, and you should be involved every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

At Lawn Connections, we’re proud of the people who have made our company the success it is today.  We’d like to take some time to introduce you to some of those people.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot any one of us an email!  We strive to maintain a close relationship with all of our clients and we’re more than happy to assist with anything.
Amber JamiesonChief Executive Officer
Chris JamiesonPresident & Lead Designer
TDA Licensed Applicator LI0625981
TCEQ Licensed Irrigator LI0024335
Orlando MadridLawn Services Operations Leader
TNLA Certified Landscape Associate #164
Jarrett HendersonLandscape Construction Operations Leader
Marion FazzariCustomer Care & Inside Sales Leader
Brooklyn MullinsCustomer Care & Inside Sales
Robert WatsonLandscape Design/Sales
Trevor EtieLawn Services Client Relations
Edger ValenzuelaLawn Services Field Leader
Larry GreeneLawn Services Quality Care & Estimator
Terry CrispIrrigation Leader
Felipe MejiaShop Leader

Client Testimonials

Tania R.
Care and DETAIL was taken to do our lawn. It was a THOROUGH JOB! I was very impressed. Thank you Jeannie
Pamela C.
"Lawn Connections has been a welcome addition to my household."
Travis C.
"In the past we have always had issues with lawn care companies, this is the first time we can honestly say it is a pleasure doing business with you. I will be referring Lawn Connections to all my friends and neighbors."
Jamie W.
"Your highly knowledgeable office staff and professional maintenance team have gone above and beyond our expectations in order to provide exceptional service."
Pamela C.
"Lawn Connections has been a reliable and quality service, I no longer have to worry about the chore of taking care of my lawn."
Denise B.
"You guys are so efficient!"
Jamie M.
"I'd recommend your services to anyone in need of an exceptional lawn care service."
Susan B.
"My yard has had landscape design & lawncare for over ten years by Lawn Connections. The attention given to detail by the various crew members has always exceeded my expectations."
Linda H.
"I have never worked with such a professional, organized, and customer service oriented company. Lawn Connections has set the bar for lawn care companies."
Angela K.
"Thank you so much! The service you have provided us has been outstanding."
Pamela C.
"I go to work and come home to a beautifully manicured lawn. Thank you Lawn Connections!"
Sean I.
"Lawn Connections is just as advertised, Fast, Convenient, and SUPERIOR customer service. I signed up online and my lawn was beautifully mowed the next day. The one concern I had was addressed immediately. Thank you Lawn Connections!"
Susan B.
"My yard has drawn the comments of many passers-by, and was even awarded a beautification award by my city one year."
Brenda M.
"Lawn Connections is the best lawn care service in DFW!"
Claire Z
"My prior lawn service broke multiple sprinkler heads, never notified us and it was a hassle to get them replaced. Thank you and your team for excellent and efficient service!"
Jamie M.
"Thank you Lawn Connections for your excellent service!"
Claire Z
"I MUCH appreciate the outstanding Customer Service."
Arian A.
"I am so thankful for the service"
Susan B.
"I would highly recommend Lawn Connection to anyone who wants their lawn to be well maintained."
Scott J
"Your attention to detail and ability to address all of our needs during the development of our backyard paradise has exceeded our expectations. Your design gave us a final product that we could have never even imaged. Thank you Lawn Connections for giving us the back yard of our dreams."
Emily V
"I wish more companies would approach customer service the way you do. Who would have thought I would be saying that about a lawn care company."
Denise B.
"It's a pleasure to work with such a professional lawn care company."
Susan B.
"My lawn receives the best of care --your's can too!"
D. Bowen
"The folks at Lawn Connections always show up when they say they will, like clockwork. They are always available online and through calling their customer service line. And the price is fantastic. Plus their work is impeccable. I can’t recommend them highly enough"
Tom J.
"Lawn Connections recreated our entire yard to help sell our home. Seasonal color, trimming, weeding, and a complete makeover provided the best curb appeal, and it was beautiful in the realtor's photos. Thank you for your exceptional work."
Arian A.
"It really has been wonderful having you take care of our lawn."
5 out of 5 based on 26 ratings. 26 user reviews.

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