5 Excellent Residential Landscape Design Ideas

Chris Jamieson Softscape

There are plenty of ways to add curb appeal to your lawn and make your backyard more suitable for guests. Take advantage of this list of 5 great residential landscape design ideas from Lawn Connections to help you make your next landscaping decision.

1. Blooming Beauty

You may not think you have many options for gardening in the Fort Worth, Southlake, and Keller areas, but there are many beautiful plants that do well in warm climates. The red bird of paradise, blue mist, and blanket flower are three great examples. Their beauty is supplemented by the lovely butterflies they will attract. If you’re looking to emphasize your garden with an arbor, you can outfit it with coral honeysuckle, which blooms in the summer and produces berries in the winter.

2. Cooking With Fire

Fire pits are bound to be a hit in your backyard. In a 2013 poll from the ASLA, fire pits were popular with 97 percent of respondents. Grills and outdoor cooking areas were also popular, and they offer more versatile outdoor cooking options.

3. Waterworks

Fountains are another popular residential landscape design trend. Over 84 percent of respondents agreed that they look wonderful in gardens and yards. Hot tubs and saunas were a close second with an 81 percent approval rating.

4. Lighting the Way

There are abundant options for outdoor lighting. You can stick to traditional options like lighted pathways, or you can opt for more unique choices like tiki torches or mismatched hanging lanterns. Whatever lighting option you choose, be sure to illuminate the areas where you and your guests are most likely to gather.

5. Shaded Seating

Shade is crucial if you want to enjoy your lawn in the heat of the afternoon. Gazebos and awnings are both appealing options that are pleasing to view and to sit under. If you’re looking for natural shade, consider planting a sturdy, drought-resistant Eldarica tree.

If your lawn is looking a bit lackluster, consider one of these simple options to help you revitalize the look and feel of your front or back yard. Call Lawn Connections for more advice and tips on your next residential landscape design project.