Terms of Service for Lawn Connections

Billing Procedures

To keep our prices low, we utilize direct credit card billing. On the day after your service is performed, your credit card on file will be charged for that specific mowing only. Lawn Connections goes to great lengths and expense to insure the security of your credit card information.

Rescheduling/Canceling Service

In the event you need to postpone or change your weekly service in any way, you must contact the office no later than 5pm the business day before your scheduled service.  Requests received after 5pm will be process the next business day.  If no notice is given to postpone or cancel service, a $15 trip charge will be incurred.  No same-day cancellations.

Service Alerts

If a crew is unable to complete your service for any reason, you will be notified by our office in a reasonably prompt manner. Lawns that are not completed due to a situation outside of the customer’s control will not be charged the full service rate.  Clients who fail to notify of us of service issues ahead of time will be charged the minimum $26 per service.

Mowing Season

Our 2017 mowing season starts the week of March 6, 2016, and runs through the week of November 6, 2017 – all properties will be serviced once a month in December, January and March for a 37-week schedule. Your property will be serviced weekly or bi-weekly between those dates. We do not skip mow days that fall on major holidays.


For those customers who have pets: We understand how important your pet is to your family. That’s why we do everything we can to keep them from escaping. However, we cannot and do not assume responsibility of any kind if they are able to get out. We recommend that you keep your pets inside or kenneled on your mow day. We also ask that your lawn is free of excessive pet droppings; it goes without saying that our crews do not want to use our mowers to clean up your lawn. We cannot be held accountable for the safety of pets that are left in the yard while service is being completed.  Homes that have excessive pet droppings will be charged a fee for pet waster removal.


We will make every reasonable attempt to mow on days of light to moderate rain, always taking into consideration any drainage problems your property may have before we begin. Please be advised that should inclement weather (i.e., rainy days) occur on your specific mowing day, Lawn Connections will attempt to resume service the following day. If, however, this is not possible, your service may be forced to resume on your next regular service day. Should your lawn have excessive growth during this period, additional charges will occur.


Our low prices are based on your total lot size; we do not take into consideration lot improvements. Once your order is placed, we will confirm your lot size, and if a change in your rate is necessary we will contact you to make any necessary adjustments to our pricing schedule.


Your happiness as a customer is of the utmost importance, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, please contact us within 24 hours. We cannot issue refunds for the service, but we will do everything in our power to correct the problem.

Overgrown Lawns

Should your lawn be overgrown, additional charges will apply – charges for overgrown lawns start at $15 and increase based on time spent. Due to the nature of overgrown lawns, desired results may not be possible on initial service. Additional visits may be necessary.

Property Damage

Please contact our office at (817) 231-0042 within 24 hours of any claimed damage you believe was caused by our crews in order for us to address the problem immediately. Items we cannot and do not accept responsibility for includes, but is not limited to, window damage where loose stone is utilized as ground cover, and items left in the normal mowing area by a customer.

Service Day

Once assigned, your service day will not change for the service season. Service will be completed between 7 AM and 7 PM on your service day; we cannot adhere to a more specific time frame.


Do not run irrigation or sprinklers for a least 12 hours prior to scheduled mowing days. Irrigation maintenance is not included in this agreement. It is the customers’ responsibility to insure all turf sprinkler heads be properly maintained to prevent damage during mowing. Any claimed damage to shrub risers allegedly incurred while trimming shrubs will be repaired promptly at our discretion – please report any claimed damages immediately. Lawn Connections assumes no responsibility for damage to turf or landscape resulting from lack of, or improper irrigation or drainage. If irrigation maintenance is required, Lawn Connections will recommend a licensed irrigation specialist to meet with you to discuss your irrigation needs.

Service Includes

  • Mowing with a commercial grade mulching mower
  • Trimming grass around obstacles with a string trimmer
  • Edging walks, patios and driveways with an edger
  • All visible clippings blown from hardscapes
  • Close all gates before leaving your property


By placing your order for lawn service you have accepted the terms and provisions set forth in the Lawn Connections terms of service.