How to Properly Mow Texas Lawns

Mowing is a typical part of being a homeowner, and most of the time it is done to maintain the look of a well-manicured yard. However, there is much more to mowing than that. Did you know that grass growth actually depends upon mowing? Mowing is a task that can kill grass or make it thrive, depending on how it is done. Mowing height is the most important thing to consider, and it may change depending on the season. If you mow too short, then growth will not be sustainable. This is when you start getting sparse patches of living and dead grass and many weed infestations. If you leave grass too long, not only does it become tougher to mow, but you are making it an ideal environment for critters like bugs and rats, which can harm plants and pets. To find out the best mowing height for your grass, research the type of grass you have. Each type of grass has a recommended ideal height. You should keep it at the taller heights to maintain optimum health. Also, pay attention to the season. Mowing may not need to occur in winter, or may need to be kept at a minimum, while spring and summer may have you out there every weekend.

A Special Note on Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is extremely common in Dallas lawns, and is considered the most difficult grass to care for. However, if cared for properly, it can easily live all year and for many years to come. When it comes to mowing this special grass, a certain kind of lawn mower is needed. Many cannot get a close cut to grass without botching it, so when you are shopping for a lawn mower for your Bermuda grass, be sure you and one that can optimally go as short as one to one-and-a-half inches. This is the height that Bermuda grass will need to thrive. If you would like to learn more about your grass and lawn mowing services, contact us at 972-418-LAWN.

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