Expert Pool Design & Installation

Landscapers Also Offer Luxury Pool Remodeling

pool design, luxury swimming poolSummer’s here, and it’s time to hit the pool! Are you tired of crowded public pools or waiting to use a friend’s pool? Or is your current backyard oasis showing it’s age and begging for a facelift?

Lawn Connections’ can work with you to get the pool you’ve always wanted. The perfect luxury addition to your outdoor oasis, a pool can be the ideal place to play, relax, cool off or exercise. It can also add to the value and look of your home. Start hosting parties at your house and have your neighbors and friends jealous of your pool.

To see many excellent examples of Lawn Connections pools, see our pool and water feature gallery.

Pool Design

Our landscapers are great at what they do, and can bring your vision to life. Our design team will sit down with you and discuss the shape of the pool you wish to have, the size you want, and the material you want to use. We know how to get just the right combination of aesthetic appeal and durability for the best outdoor living space.

We can also discuss what features you want your pool to include, such as LED lighting, a hot tub or a fire pit. The possibilities are truly endless, and when we’re done planning, we’ll get to work immediately installing your dream pool.

Swimming Pool Landscape Lighting

If you’re interested in adding some swimming pool landscape lighting to your North Texas outdoor space, we have some tips on what to look for as your plan your landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting techniques are used to help to create a specific mood or ambiance in your backyard. This happens by adding color, drama, and excitement to your swimming pool while also keeping the pool area safe for you and your family. Pathways, outdoor areas, dining areas, as well as your pool deck need to be well lit so guests and your family can easily and carefully travel from the pool to the deck to your house with plenty of visibility

In years past, it was normal to have one large white light at the deepest-end of the pool shining toward the shallow end of the pool. Now, there are not only white lights, but color fiber-optic, or DMX controlled light options to choose from. So whether you’re looking to create a specific mood by lighting up the pool itself, or have a water feature or canopy you’d like to feature, we have the swimming pool landscape lighting you need this season.

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