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Plano homeowners are known for their beautiful green lawns and excellent sense of style. So, why not take it a step further with a complete landscape design? You can easily picture beautiful designs of a themed desert pool landscape or a lush water garden, and Lawn Connections can do them all and more. We can also handle all of your lawn maintenance needs from lawn mowing to flower bed maintenance.

Plano Landscape Design

Landscape Design is one of the most complicated and yet amazing sciences when it comes to the landscaping business. Landscape Design can make a huge difference for your business or home by designing the perfect landscape, one that will leave an impression on anyone who sees it. Our landscape designers are the best in the business, creating stunning designs that you will love for a lifetime.

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One of the most crucial parts of caring for your lawn is making sure weeds cannot thrive. Weeds must be prevented and choked out to make sure your grass and flowers can survive and remain vibrant throughout the year. Lawn Connections has a number of experts on our staff who know just how to keep weeds at bay, and weed control is part of our regular maintenance plan. If you need our help with weeds, landscaping, or lawn maintenance, contact us now at 972-418-LAWN.

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