Ornamental Grass Gallery

Ornamental grasses are grasses and sedges that are planted for aesthetic purposes. They are becoming a popular addition to residential and commercial landscaping. They are cheap, relatively low maintenance, do not attract many insects, and easy to find. One of the noted benefits of ornamental grass is that it can grow in poorer soil which makes it ideal for areas that are hard to fertilize. Its no wonder why ornamental grasses are seen in most modern gardens.

Types of Ornamental Grasses

There are a wide variety of ornamental grasses to choose from. This gives you endless possibilities for adding texture and movement to your landscape. There are “true grasses” and “sedges” which differ in their care and water needs. Make sure you speak to a licensed landscaping professional with experience in ornamental grasses before placing them in your garden. It is important that you choose the best grasses for your climate, as some can be vulnerable to low temperatures. You also want to avoid invasive grasses, as they may do damage to the existing plant species in your yard. Ornamental grasses are great growers with resistance to many common diseases. So make sure you plant the right grass in the right location, or it tends to grow amok!