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At Lawn Connections, we’re proud of the people who have made our company the success it is today.  We’d like to take some time to introduce you to some of those people.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot any one of us an email!  We strive to maintain a close relationship with all of our clients and we’re more than happy to assist with anything.

Chris Jamieson President & Landscape Consultant
Amber Jamieson Chief Financial Officer
Steve Wiggin Direct of Garden Services
Aaron Dunlap Production Manager – Garden Services
Ann Estes Office Manager – Fort Worth Office
Brandie Harris Office Manager – Dallas Office
Shelbie Mashburn Customer Relations
Amber Hall Customer Relations
Will Swerdlow Landscape Designer & Licensed Irrigator
Larry Greene Field Manager & Estimator – Garden Services – Fort Worth
Edger Valenzuela Field Manager – Garden Services – Fort Worth
Miguel Bolado Field Manager & Estimator – Garden Services – Dallas
Jose Ortiz Field Manager – Garden Services – Dallas
Terry Crisp Irrigation Manager
Joe Gonzales Field Manager – Chem Services
Jose Naverrete Shop Manager
Call Us At (972) 418-5296 (Dallas) Call Us At (817) 769-6950 (Fort Worth)