Best Lawn Care and Landscaping Services in Grapevine, TX

Lawn Connections is a name synonymous with quality and precision when it comes to landscaping and lawn services in the Grapevine community. We are considered the premier one-stop shop for both residential and commercial lawn needs, including landscape design all the way to weed control and lawn mowing. We have a large team of experts who know everything about soils and plants in the Grapevine area, and we can help you choose landscapes that fit the weather as well as your style and budget. We even offer more custom features such as outdoor kitchens and water features. We have everything you need to make your yard your own. You can come to us for all of the following:

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Lawn Maintenance

If you are a homeowner in Grapevine, there is no way around this task unless you want to let your lawn turn brown. This does not give a good impression to anyone, and we know that is not what you want. However, we also understand how busy you are with work and family. Days off should be spent relaxing and being with those you love, not pulling weeds in the hot Texas sun. Those things are better done by experienced lawn care technicians like those we have here at Lawn Connections. They can come to your Grapevine home or business on a regular basis to make sure flower beds and bushes are cared for, as well as mow the lawn and take care of weed control.

Commercial Services

Residential homes are not the only places with a lawn that needs to be cared for and beautified. Commercial landscaping is a special arm of our business, and we pride ourselves in making your business look like you want it to. A green lawn with flowering shrubs can give a great impression before anyone even steps foot inside. You always want to put your best foot forward where business involved, so why not start with landscaping? We offer landscape design and installation for both small and large areas.

Recognizing a Good Landscaper in Grapevine

Finding the right landscaper for your project is crucial. Your property is worth a lot to you in dollars and in sentimental value, and we understand that. You should always look for knowledge and experience as well as great customer service. Luckily, Lawn Connections is known for all three. If you would like to learn more about our lawn and landscaping services, contact us at 469-620-7191.

Contact Our Landscaping Company in Grapevine, TX

Whether your home is a small condo or a larger two-story home, Lawn Connections can work with you to make your landscaping vision come to life. We can design and install lighting, decks, patios, stonework, and so much more!

We also have extensive experience in caring for Grapevine lawns. Let us save you time by keeping your lawn looking great with our lawn maintenance services.

Serving Grapevine, TX

Grapevine is the place to go to get away from the every day hustle and bustle of big city living. That’s because Grapevine offers recreational opportunities that are hard to pass up: wine tasting, swimming, shopping, and attending festivals are among some of the most popular activities here.

Grapevine is also home to 200 restaurants and Great Wolf Lodge, which contains a fully indoor water park that is kept warm year-round.

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