Tips to Prepare Your Yard for Winter Weather

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Brrr! It’s safe to say that winter is here to stay – have you begun preparing your yard for wintry weather? There are a few simple ways that you can get your yard ready for snow and other inclement weather conditions. Check out Lawn Connection’s guide to preparing your yard for the low temperatures and icy chill that winter brings!

  • Overseed your lawn. You read that right – overseeding your lawn is a great way to ensure that your grass stays green, all year long. About 8 weeks before the first freeze of the season, start the overseeding process.
  • Clear away debris (mostly leaves) from your lawn. This will help get rid of bacteria-causing layers of dead grass and debris.
  • Take care of your perennial plants…up until the first snow comes, that is. Once it’s time to remove these plants from your landscape, in time for winter, just ensure that you use VERY sharp pruners to get the job done.
  • Spike and fill holes on your grass. By spiking holes into your grass, you can help aerate your yard, and improve drainage. This will help maintain a healthy-looking lawn, year-round!
  • Mow! It’s important to keep up a regular mowing schedule, until the ground freezes. Why will this help? Because mowing helps clear debris from your lawn, and the short height of your grasses will ensure that fungal damage doesn’t become a problem when it snows.
  • Call a professional. Need help ensuring that your yard is winter-ready? It’s always best to contact a lawn care expert, in your area!

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