Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in Texas Winters

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Here at Lawn Connections, we’re well-aware of how hard it can be to keep up with your lawn during the winter — yes, even during Texas winters! Here are our tips for keeping your lawn healthy when the temperatures are dropping:

  1. Mulch around your shrubs and other plants. When you take the time to properly mulch your plants, this can help protect them from freezing temps. Mulching is also a great way to trap in moisture, which helps your plants get easy access to water — making them last much longer! Mulching is a fabulous way to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, even during winter.
  2. Take care to remove any debris. Don’t forget to remove any leaves or debris from your lawn! Why? Because when you let debris start to build up, this can block sunlight from reaching your sod. This will make it much, much harder for your lawn to retain its nutrients.
  3. Always be sure to fertilize. Once winter is nearly over, it’s time fertilize your lawn, if you want to keep it looking fresh! Ideally, fertilization should happen in either late March or early April, to provide the proper amount of nutrients to your soil, and your lawn.

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Do you want a beautiful, well-kept lawn? Of course, you do! Not only are well-kept lawns aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help increase the property value of your home, reduce soil erosion, and filter stormwater runoff. Keeping your lawn healthy during wintertime can be challenging; don’t hesitate to contact Lawn Connections.

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