How Quality Fertilizer Can Transform Your Lawn This Spring

Chris Jamieson Lawn Care

Are you considering fertilizing your lawn? Follow these tips to optimize your lawn’s growth:

  1. Either use a rotary spreader or broadcast to cover your lawn’s area efficiently. This is especially important if you’re fertilizing a large area of your lawn.
  2. Before fertilizing your lawn, you should make sure to thoroughly water it. Then, once you’ve applied the fertilizer, water your lawn again.
  3. Your lawn could also stand to benefit from soil aeration. This is the process of creating holes in the soil, exposing grass roots, and allowing sunlight and water to directly access those roots.

Do you want a verdant, beautiful lawn? Of course, you do! Not only are well-kept lawns aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help increase the property value of your home, reduce soil erosion, and filter pesky storm water runoff.

So, what are some of the best practices for keeping your lawn looking healthy? Here are some general tips:

  • Select the most appropriate fertilizer for your lawn, and fertilize at the proper times during the year.
  • Perform a regular soil test.
  • Follow best mowing practices for your specific lawn.
  • Properly water
  • Contact a lawn care professional for an assessment.

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