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When you want the best looking lawn on the block, your first choice is to turn to the pros at Lawn Connections. Our Haslet TX landscaping experts can provide amazing outdoor living designs, and our lawn care specialists make sure you have beautifully maintained grass, trees, ornamental plantings, patios, walkways, borders and more. We also are happy to share important landscaping information and lawn care tips with our clients.

Call us anytime to schedule or update your lawn care services, and check our lawn maintenance blog frequently for helpful information you can use year round!

Benefits of Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

No matter what size your home, yard or budget may be, we help you enjoy the many benefits that come with top quality landscaping and lawn maintenance.

  • Saves you the time and effort of doing it yourself
  • Enhances the “curb appeal” of your home
  • Contributes to the overall value of your neighborhood
  • Adds to the market value of your home: some reports say landscaping can increase a home’s sale price by more than 10% and speed up a sale by almost 6 weeks
  • Patios, borders, stonework or landscape lighting can increase a home’s value even further.
  • Proper landscaping and placement of various plants improve energy efficiency through shading, ground cover and more.
  • Green spaces reduce stress for those living in and around it.
  • Plants help filter pollutants and dust from rainwater.
  • Hardy lawn plants and well planned landscaping help reduce soil erosion, also protecting your home’s foundation.
  • Plants in a healthy lawn and landscape installation improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.

Let our friendly, knowledgeable team do all the work, while you reap these valuable benefits and more. Locally owned and operated, we are your neighbors as well as your trusted lawn service professionals.

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