Landscape Borders

Landscape Border Ideas

Even when you have a new home in a nicely landscaped neighborhood, sometimes every yard in the neighborhood begins to look alike. Break out of the “builder’s package”  rut with lovely custom designed landscape borders from our Haslet TX landscaping company.

Lawn Connections will customize flower beds to add dimension and texture to your existing architecture. We offer several landscape border options. Choose the color you prefer, as well as materials such as chopped stone, moss rock, limestone, brick, wood or one of our many other selections.

Our landscape specialists will visit in person to discuss the ideal border design for your home, helping you select a style to enhance your current landscape. Do you prefer a manicured lawn or more of a native, rustic feel? All of our plant materials are selected with you in mind. Plus, every aspect of the design must receive your final approval before installation. We want you to be happy with the project from start to finish.

Borders Add Value & Beauty

Lawn Connections understands that landscaping borders provide a complete, finished look to your home exterior, garden areas, patios, pools, and outdoor rooms. In addition, there are many practical reasons for landscape edging:

Landscape Border Suggestions

  • Help to retain mulch within garden beds
  • Allow for easier lawn maintenance
  • Improve drainage with elevation and specific types of materials
  • Blend your home exterior with lawn design
  • Provide uniform connection between widely spaced plantings, gardens or outdoor living areas
  • Add to the impact of seasonal color landscaping plants
  • Complement any outdoor installation (fire pit, deck, patio or pool)
  • Provide moderate protection to bedding plants or gardens

In general, choices abound for borders, and we provide landscaping materials that are readily available and long-lasting. A flowerbed or border often becomes a permanent feature of your landscape design. Our experienced, creative landscaping specialist helps you select materials that fit your budget. We suggest low-maintenance, hardy plants that fit this geographic region and grow year round. A well-chosen border plant brings visual and tactile appeal, and when desired, can also provide a lovely scent.

Metal Landscape Edging

Are you considering metal landscape edging for your yard or garden? This is a fantastically stylish way to dress up your outdoor space in a clean and modern way. Metal edging provides a lovely method of creating neat edges for your vegetable and flower beds, driveway, pathways, and other aspects of your lawn. This type of landscape design is great at keeping grass, mulch, and other materials from migrating into other beds and pathways; it’s also just an all-around aesthetically pleasing choice for virtually any lawn.

If you want to discuss using metal landscape edging for your home, call or contact the Lawn Connections team at your earliest convenience!

Plastic Landscape Edging

When done right, plastic landscape edging is a fabulous minimalistic addition to any yard! If you’re thinking about installing plastic landscape edging to your outdoor space, this is a wonderful design choice – this type of edging always looks crisp and clean, no matter what. This is because plastic edging can help outline key parts of your yard, such as walkways and garden beds, without being overly showy or flashy. In addition, plastic landscape edging can serve as a barrier so unwanted debris doesn’t clutter up your lawn.

Here at Lawn Connections, we understand that borders and edging can help showcase the true beauty of your lawn – contact us today to find out more about our services!

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