Landscape Architect

Full Service Landscaping Consultation and Landscape Design Services

Landscaping services with Lawn Connections includes the expertise of your own personal landscape architect in North Texas. Our landscaping experts deliver unique, top quality landscaping from start to finish. Here’s some insight into the level of professional, reliable services you can expect when hiring Lawn Connections to take on your upcoming landscape design project.

Step 1: Planning

Landscape Architect

At our initial meeting, your Lawn Connections landscaping architect will come to your home and meet with you in person, carefully considering the current condition, size and style of your lawn and garden area. After inspecting the lawn in detail, we can discuss all your wants, needs, favorite styles, budget, and anything else you’d like to incorporate into a stunning outdoor design.

We’ll discuss:

  • personal design preferences
  • specific landscape views you’d like enhanced
  • need for privacy
  • current irrigation or drainage issues
  • existing or desired walkways
  • any desired plant material, decks, patios, arbors, fences, fire pits, fireplaces, grills, outdoor kitchens and living areas, putting greens, stonework, landscape lighting and water features that might compliment the design.

Photos may be taken at this point to assist us in the final landscape design.

Step 2: Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Our Lawn Connections landscape designers will then lay out the parameters of your property to scale on a personalized architectural design. This design incorporates all the information we have gathered. The design will include a full-color rendering of your property with complete listing of all plants and other materials. The landscape architect will identify trees and shrubs to remain, choose the new plantings, and coordinate a color scheme.

Step 3: Design Presentation & Estimate

Upon completion of the design, your Lawn Connection sales consultant will schedule an appointment to look at the design. We will go over the drawing in detail with you, and answer any questions that you may have. Along with the full-color drawing, we will provide you with a personalized binder containing our reference list, maintenance information and your estimate. All estimates are fully itemized, so that you know exactly what you are paying for each item. We will also provide you with high resolution pictures of the landscaping plants and hardscapes in your design. The goal is to allow you, the customer, to begin to visualize your new landscape.

Kent Farrar Landscape ArchitectStep 4: Design Approval & Groundbreaking

Once you approve the design, a deposit will be collected and a start date will be scheduled. You will be given an expected completion date at that time, barring any issues with Mother Nature.

Final Step: Landscaping Project Completion

After all of the work has been completed, you will receive a guided walk through from your salesperson. During this walk through, we will discuss any future plant maintenance, answer any of your questions, and make sure that we have your complete and total satisfaction with the job performed.

Licensed Professional

If you care about the quality of your lawn, then you need to work with a licensed professional, not an amateur. Too many homeowners opt for the cheapest lawncare service they can find online. That’s a mistake! Low-price service will cost you in low-quality service. That’s not to say that quality service has to break the bank! At Lawn Connections, we combine affordable pricing with high-quality service.

When you hire Lawn Connections, you receive a licensed professional who understands your needs. Lawncare is not as simple as it seems — it’s an art form. You have to know how to cut particular grass or bushes, figure out what meshes well, and accentuate a house’s architecture. We always recommend performing a bit of research before hiring any service provider. The simplest way to weed out low-quality service is by only considering companies with licensing and insurance.

Take a look at our video gallery to see some of our designs.

Our landscape architect is one of the best in the business. Kent Farrar has the expertise you need to design and build your perfect backyard or lawn.

Learn how full-service landscape design can enhance the beauty and ensure the longevity of your landscape. Call 817-769-6930 or contact us online today.