Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Texas Winters

One of the biggest worries our Dallas area clients have is what to do about their beautiful landscape during the winter. Texas may not be known for piles of snow like other places, but ice storms and chilly nights can still be dangerous to plant life. If you’re caring for a well-manicured yard or lawn, you need to know what to do when it starts getting cold outside. Your investment is worth too much just to let everything die in the winter. Below are some of the best tips to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Don’t fall for the trend of not raking in fall and winter. Many others will tell you that leaving your fallen leaves in their place will protect your grass and give rich nutrients to the soil to keep it going all year. However, this may have the opposite effect. When the leaves become moist they may retain more moisture than the lawn needs, leading to moss and mold that you do not want or need there. Instead, create a compost pile with the leaves and other items so that you can use it like a fertilizer.

Know when to apply fertilizer. Fall is an essential time for your lawn to soak up nutrients because many are lost in summer and winter. The best time is right before the first freeze. There are even some fertilizers that release a little bit over time that can feed your lawn all winter.

Pay attention to moisture levels. In Texas, it doesn’t snow enough to maintain moisture in the soil all winter. If it has not rained in a couple of weeks, be sure you are still watering your yard.

Mulch is your best friend. Putting mulch all around your shrubs and plants can actually keep your most precious flowers and plants from freezing when it gets bitterly cold. It also traps in more moisture for the soil.

Stick to walkways. Walking on your lawn is always going to cause a bit of damage, but during the winter, this is a bigger issue. The grass and plants need to fight to live through the season, so a track of ice or a shoe that picks up needed mulch or fertilizer can hurt what you have worked so hard for. Make sure you and your guests pay extra attention to where you walk during the winter.

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